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I know that the client can disable standby while there are active torrents, but have provisions been made for laptops here? Laptops can run on either battery or receptacle power. The standby option is great for receptacle power, but not so much for battery power. I think there should be an option that can be customized by the user that satisfies the following criteria:

-When on battery power, if the remaining power gets to a certain percentage, such as 10% or

below (can be customized), standby is enabled;

-When the computer is nearing standby (according to the time settings specified in power

options) the client will pause all torrents to ensure no data loss;

-An option to allow standby during active torrents WHEN ON BATTERY POWER but not otherwise

(my second criterion above would also apply here as to prevent data loss);

-An option in the speed wizard that pops up the first time you run the program that allows the

user to choose if they are using a laptop or desktop, which would then automatically configure

the above options with default values.

I don't know if any of these are in the works or are already present. I just wanted to throw them out there. Thanks for looking.

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I also have an laptop, but when I download and I know it's going for a long time also I'm gone, I just plug in. Why would download something on your laptop while it's running on batteries if you are gone? If you are at batteries you aren't home, are you? You won't leave your laptop alone ... behind do you? If it's running on batteries I take the laptop is easy to steal when your gone. So you probarly stick with it. But if you stick with it you should have seen the battery warning.

You see, it's not a realistic scené you create for requesting this feature. Still would it not be easier to just turn off the µTorrent standby disable function and wait for Windows to automatically shut down/sleep when the specified percentage has reached? You might loose an MB or two, but I think not.

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