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Real Newbie question - please be **VERY** patient speed issue


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Hi All

I am brand spanking new to bit torrent.

Until yesterday I had heard the term and had some idea it was a method of downloading files - especially large ones.

I yesterday downloaded utorrent and started using it.

As I said in my subject header and as you can see from the above I am completely new to bit torrent so please be very patient with me :-).

Also some of the terms I have seen on here are a foreign language so a "for dummies" type of reply would be welcomed.

OK so I set it off to download a 4.40 gb collection of files mid/late yesterday afternoon. Now approx 24 hours later it has , according to the prog, downloaded 2.4gb and uploaded 1.5gb (not sure what that bit means as I wasn't aware I was uploading anything but from what little I've read I would take a guess at that's portions of the files I have acquired thus far being shared on - is this correct ?)

My DL speed is showing at between as little as 2 kb/s to 7.7 kbs while my upload is at between 16 and 20.2 kb/s - does this sound anywhere like it should be ? Upload higher than dl baffles me - also would approx 2 gb in 24 hours sound about right or should it be being quicker than this ?

I have my max no of connections down to 60 (I did read elsewhere on here to bring this setting down if running slow).

Is there any other info that would help you folks ?

Oh I/m on a 1.1 mb broadband link , on windows XP.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my post.

I did take a peek here : http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=196194#p196194

but much of it was above my head and .or I did not know where to find the settings to change.

Would be grateful if anyone could answer my questions above and advise if/how I can speed things up - oh yes I should also add it seems to be slowing up response times in my browser (Firefox

Thanks again


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Yes, you are absolutely correct regarding the uploading and what you're sharing. If you want to learn more about BitTorrent (which you should), read the guides, it should give you a pretty good footing. You should check the external links in the beginner's guide as well. If you've any more questions regarding the stuff you're reading, feel free to return here and ask.

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