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Hi all, i have some questions..

1) i download a file, then i decide to remove the torrent... (note: the file downloaded still in my downloads dir)... if now i want to seed again that file i double click on my torrent... uTorrent ask me if i want to download file again or use the current downloaded file for seeding...

can i automatize that i want to use already existing file instead click every time on yes? :)

2) i have noticed that in command line mode, when i add a torrent to uTorrent, of a already existing file it decide to re-download file automatically without asking me the famous message (see point n.1)

There is an hidden command line like utorrent.exe /directory "C:\downloads" "C:\torrentname.torrent" /usealreadyexistingfile or something similiar? :)

Thank you :)

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If you tell µTorrent to save to the same location as the old files are at, it will automatically recheck the old files first before overwriting. µTorrent does NOT redownload unless you tell it to, or unless you point to the incorrect location. I'm not sure what you're asking here.

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Excuse me, for the way i saying that :D i'm no speak english fluently... that i said were wrote with the first words i have in mind... i'm sorry for this mistake :P

Nefarious has explicated perfectly what's my needings

In a server enviroment with automatized operations via command line there is a problem don't have that option... uTorrent seems to be really good as file server... poor system requisites, really fast operations, good bandwith control and stuff...

Hope a command line option will be added asap

bb ;)

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something similiar yes..

or a basically /seedmode or /seed to make client know that u are adding torrent for seeding purpose

something that works in this way:

- add torrent for seeding

- check the file... whe have the file and it's all ok? y/n

y: ok start seeding in classic way

n: so download the file then procede to seed

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