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help with seeding ;_;


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i started downloadin a torrent a week ago and it started download just like every other torrent did but after a few days, there were no more seeds and 2 or 3 peers but unforunatly i couldn't connect with them. but thats not the problem.

what i would like to know is: -> am i able using utorrent to seed a file before downloading it? so that at least it has a seed or 2, and i can start downloading it later?

i read the FAQ but didn't maybe properply understand it.

any help would be great.

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Stop, make µTorrent skip all files for the torrent (in the Files tab), then start... I don't see why you're trying to do this though, and it's not considered "seeding," it's just purely "uploading." There's no way to do it automatically, though, if that's what you're asking.

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o, i didn't know its called that, coz im not very familiar with utorrent.

well, the reason i'm trying to do that is coz its not downloading right now as it is. so if i upload a seed or 2 i might then be able to download it.

i did that...i skipped all the files and started the torrent again. but it still not uploading.

i managed to download 39 MB and thats it. thats where it stopped downloading.


seeds: 0(2)

peers: 0(3)

Down speed: 0.0Kb/s

Up speed: 0.0Kb/s

ETA: co

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