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port forwarding issue


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hi, i'm using an airlink mimo ar525w router (and just upgraded the firmware). i have had this issue forwarding the port. i haven't been able to get utorrent to see that i am forwarding the port. it first asked me to forward 42472 which i did on my own. it told me the port was not forwarded so i went to the page at portforward.com for my router and followed those instructions which was the same thing i did the first time. i did it anyways and it still says the port is not forwarded.

on a whim i tried port 55555 and forwarded that and i am also getting the error that the port is not forwarded. i have checked to make sure that the forwarding is for the right ip address and i have rebooted my router about fifty-eleven times. i'm not sure what the problem could be, but is there any clue for help? thanks very much.

i am running winxp sp2, i don't have a software firewall or any spyware-blocking programs running at the moment. as i said my router is an airlink 101 mimo ar525w. my modem is a motorola surfboard cablemodem. i have checked through the forums but i haven't been able to find anything that addresses my issue, because the router *says* the ports are forwarded. i haven't even used the program yet because i am still trying to figure out how to get the port forwarded. thanks very much.

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