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not downloading w/ no port forwarding


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Hi everyone,

I don't have access to the router's settings so I've given up on portforwarding/allowing incoming port connections. However, I have been downloading files even with the ports being blocked (I'm not quite sure how you can still download files with the ports being blocked, but it works). I don't get great speeds, but better slow than nothing.

However, today I've tried to start some new downloads, but they are not downloading AT ALL. There are plenty of seeds and leechers.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be, and how to fix it?


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The most basic thing that can be done is for the ports to be forwarded. If you are unable to, all bets are off, and all you can do is to take what you get. Failure to forward your ports does not mean you can't download, it means you can't take incoming connections. You can still make outgoing connections, but your chances of connecting to faster peers are severely hampered.

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