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Slow speed, considering my internet...


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Okay, I have bellsouth Extreme 3.0 (3 Mbps/ 384 Kbps)

The router I am under is the Netgear WPN824

I have utorrent set to to xx/384 in the speed guide section

Enable upnp port mapping is unchecked in the preferences section, and am using 38713 for the port forwarding

I have added a port forwarding,

Service Name Utor1

Service Type TCP/UDP

Starting Port 38713

Ending Port 38713

Server IP Address (which would be my ip)

So, I have followed all of the things in http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Netgear/WPN824/Utorrent.htm

However, I am still only getting about 20kB/s on download (upload is completely fine, as it is getting 35 kB/s)

I believe it is because Utorrent still thinks I am not forwarding, as I get this message under the port:test

"Error! Port 38713 does not appear to be open."

It is possible that it has to do with static IP. So, to figure if THAT was the problem, I tried to follow http://www.portforward.com/networking/static-xp.htm

So, I did all of what it said (don't know if this means anything, but the default gateway and the prefered dns were the same, according to "ipconfig /all", so i entered them the same)

So, all in all, it appears as if my static IP is correctly configured, especially since my internet is running without any stall

ANY idea what might be wrong?

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Well, I was able to set up the forward from the modem router (took a while to find, since its a different interface). I am now getting a green checkmark :D

Thanks :)

But, quick question. In the future, if my port for utorrent gets changed, will I need to forward that port on both the netgear and the modem, or can I open a large port range, and control which ports to open just from netgear

Woohoo, now, when testing the test torrent in the FAQ, I am getting a good 250-350kB/s+ :D

Getting an Okay download from my other downloads, but thats more than likely because of the other seeders. Guess it just means I can download multiple ones

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