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BUG: Server Crashing


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Any computer that I try using uTorrent w/ Web UI crashes my server after a few hours. The server freezes and has the message "visual c++ runtime library buffer over run detected program: C:\windows\system32\inetsrv\w3wp.exe". I have not experienced this problem any other time until I started using this program. I was initially running it on the server but when it started crashing I moved it to another computer and had it download to that computer and NOT the server. The only thing the server keeps for the computer is the roaming profile but I'm not using a folder on the desktop so the server shouldn't be affected. I'm wondering if the Web UI code itself is to blame by conflicting with something running on the server.

Is anyone else having similar problems? Is there a fix available or is it being worked on in future version that are more stable?

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