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On 100/100mbit line

Wanted to know if these settings are ok. Uploading is fast but downloading is not up to par I dont think. What could be the problem, could it be Max Active Downloads? Here are my Utorrent specs

Bit Torrent:

DHT- Disabled

P/E- Enabled

Global Maximum of Connections- 900

Max number of connected peer per torrent- 125

Number of upload slots per torrent- 25 (not sure if correctly setup)

use additional upload slots if 90% etc is Checked


Max number of active torrents up or down- 20

Max number of active downloads- 20 (not sure if correctly setup)

Any advise on what I should do or change above is greatly appreciated. If I can make the up better ok great but at this time the download is not correct I dont think so any and all ideas are welcome.



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IMHO, a third of your theoretical maximum upload speed (12.5MiB/s barring overhead, which you said you never reach anyway) is very respectable. Even just looking at the number absolutely, 3.9MiB/s upload is no small feat. Yeah, you can do better in an absolute sense, but the way BitTorrent is, you're not always going to get fast people downloading from you.

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Understood. Sounds fine I just wanted to make sure I have my settings in order. I was on 10mbs before and I could max that out all the time so I never had to mess with settings except for once (speed test) and that was all. Now with the extreme flucation of speeds I was not sure if better was possible and I was just missing a setting. For now I have it set on 50mbit with some tweaks since I dont hit 100mbit and I guess its ok.

Thanks for the hlp


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