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Upload speed limiter might be faulty


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Hi all,

I started using µTorrent about two weeks ago and in that time I have noticed only one major bug on my system that being that the upload limiter doesn't work very well.

Before I get flamed I'll explain the situation. I have a 128KB/sec upload pipe, I always limit this to 75KB/sec in whatever p2p program I am using so I can get maximum download speed. In Azureus this works fine and my upload speed sits around a constant 75KB/sec but on µTorrent limiting my upload speed to 75KB/sec seems to lower it to a real world figure of around 45KB/sec, I have tried to compensate for this by raising it to 115KB/Sec but alas unless upload limiting is turned off I can only upload at 40-45KB/sec. I get upload speeds of between 100-115KB/sec with limiting turned off so it's obviously the limiting process at fault.

I consider this a major bug as I use µTorrent primarily to seed and because of this flaw it is very inefficient for this role.

Any help or info from the users who have a 1024kbps upstream or greater would be appreciated as would any replies from the developers Vurlix or Ludde.

EDIT: I deleted my settings.dat and resume.dat files and it now seems to be limiting upload speed to around 60KB/sec so the problem isn't rectified but it's a lot better than the ~45KB/sec I was getting previously.

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