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Need help: What to do when you move a file, and defining file locs


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Hi there, was wondering if someone could help me figure this out.

I recently downloaded some stuff, but it downloaded to the wrong directory, so I had to move it manually, which messed up the .torrent upload. Can I easily fix this and continue to provide the stuff to people who might want it, or do I have to make a whole new torrent and go through a process of seeding it?

My next question is a little more complicated. I noticed when searching out where uTorrent had saved the stuff, and found a whole directory in my OS partition, which I would rather keep to just OS or system specific stuff. uTorrent seems to want to use that directory to store temp files and torrents, obviously one of us will have to give. Is there any way that I can make sure that uTorrent stores all files that it doesn't need to have in a directory aside from my OS's? (such as torrent files, especially).

Here's a quick example.

I want uTorrent to store aaa.torrent in F:\DATA, but it wants to store it in E:\WINNT\ADMIN\

Is there a way to change this?

Thanks to anyone who can help.

-edit: Okay I just found where I can change my torrent storage, but does that apply to other files used by utorrent as well, or just torrents?

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