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I am haveing a few issues here :(


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Ok so here is the low down. I was using zone alarm, ut was fine and everything. But as ZA sucks at fixing issues in updates I ditched it (issues like the msn thing and crashes)

Then I started using tiny fire wall. Later I discovered that it is discontinued... some websites are not updated to reflect this.

I tried sunbelt kereo personal firewall. All other progs ran fine with it. All accept UT. Instead of the usual green tick icon in the status bar, it was an orange triangle. Funny thing is, the firewall didnt ask if i wanted to let it through... it just started up without a murmer from the firewall at all. I manually added it. Still no change back to the green :(

I ditched that and tried prisma firewall. Same thing... not a murmer from the firewall so i added it manually. agan it stayed on the orange triangle. full permissions set....

so onto another one... a free one this time called comodo firewall. good firewall, but again this didnt murmer when i opened utorrent. same orange triangle. added manually... it didnt change.

Three firewalls in, I am guessing its a ut issue. All other programs are running fine. I am getting a big dl speed in ut, but its not in the green, which will be problematic later on.

Is there a fix for this? windows firewall is off. Only thing I can think of is, as this is not an install app that its not picked up by the firewall soft... but I'm not sure.

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