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Interesting Problem - Requires Help


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I have a problem with my internet connection and think it is related to utorrent. When downloading using utorrent it seems to run ok, however when i try to browse the internet, either Firefox or IE6/7, no pages can be reached. This only happens after 1) utorrent is started or 2) the computer is left on for about half an hour. The only way to browse the internet is to restart the computer and I will then get about another half an hour of perfect use. I think i can rule out the router, as I have 4 other computers that all work when the computer in question is "broken". I'm running the most recent XP SP2 and have the firewall off. I am also running BitDefender Ver10. It would be appreciated if anybody could give me some help/advice, as you can imagine how annoying it is not being able to browse the web.

Many Thanks



I also get a lot of messages in Firefox saying Apache server software was successfully installed etc instead of the website, normally just error messages. Also another weird thing i have noticed as that even hough a torrent may be working, the RSS feeds i have are unable to be downloaded, again suggested no internet connectivity.

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