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1st Torrent - its show no seeders , need help


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I made a torrent of several mp3 files and then tried to get it tracked on "thepiratebay.com" but couldn't find anyplace to upload it? Not sure why.

Then I uploaded it to mininova.org and that seemed to go ok but when I searched for it it indicated there were no seeds for it. So I added my own torrent to utorrent and after awhile it started to download it which seemed a bit strange since I already had it on my HDD. After a while it downloaded it 100% and showed initial -seeding but it still didn't show any seeders. Seems like I should have been a seeder at this point for sure. I went back to mininova and did a search on it and it found my torrent but again said 0 seeders and 0 peers but I know there were other peers downloading it also? Whats going on that I don't understand?

BTW > I used tracker.prq.to/announce to create the torrent but I must admit it wasn't clear why or what that had to do with anything.

Also in utorrent under seeds and peers what does the number in ( )s mean verses the number outside the ( )s. > 0(0)

Shouldn't I show up as a seeder someplace or how do I get it to be seeded. ( It seems so easy when you read the directions for seeding ). The torrent is only 85 mb seens like It should show up quickly.

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