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tracker offline (read all threads about this and still no solution)


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Hi, I'm new here in this forum and new to torrents as well :) However for the last two weeks I've been reading and learning a lot about utorrent, but today something unusual happened:

My speed was never that great. I am currently downloading 3 files of 8.5 GB and in 1 week I advanced only 15%. But thats really not a problem, because I don't mind waiting a bit. My speeds were usually of 20 KB/s when the trackers were ONLINE. Thats the problem, the trackers are now OFFLINE and my speeds reduced to 5KB/s.

I have done everything that you suggested to do in these cases, but no solution yet. I have read lots of posts about speeds as well and still nothing. Trackers remain offline and in time out.

Also followed this:

- Disabled IP resolving in the Peers tab?

- Restarted µTorrent after disabling DHT?

- Try disabling UPnP?

- What firewall are you using, and have you tried uninstalling it?

- Tried lowering the global maximum number of connections to 200? 100? 50?

- Lowering net.max_halfopen to 4?

- Patched TCPIP.SYS and restarted the computer after patching (this assumes you run Windows XP w/SP2!)?

- Restarted the router after doing any of the above?

- Connect directly to the modem to make sure it's not your router?

- If turns out that it's not the router, what modem are you using?

Do I disconnect from a tracker after a week or so?

and nothing...................

Whats the problem with the trackers. Do they go offline if we use them for over a week? Or is this just a period and they will be online again in a few hours? They've been offline since this morning (+/- 15 hours ago)


Would appreciate some help!!!

Thanks in advance

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My firewall is incorporated in Panda Titanium antivirus software 2006, but it has a port for utorrent. My Windows firewall is disabled.

However there is sth odd that appears in the log. It says: "Error opening Windows Firewall: 0x800706D9" I really don't know what that means, because my Windows firewall is disabled

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