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Open ports: Rubbish upload and download speeds


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Hi I'm new to utorrent and am having problems. Have searched and read everywhere and am fed up and in dispair.

My situation: I'm using Wireless Lan (D-Link DI-524) with a Siemens router. I'm supposed to have a fast new internet connection (16,000/s). I have, I think" forwarded the ports in utorrent and have done the same with my WLan Router.

Although utorrent reports my uploads to be working well (ie I'm clever), I just cannot get onto those leechers 5(5) with a good upload rate (currently at an average of 77 kB/s). Also, I see under Logger: "Error 718 mapping port 55xxx etc. Unable to map uPnP port).

Can anyone please help me here?

I also am not entirely sure that I got the hang of the firewall opening ports bit with my WLan Router either.

Thank you for you help, am really needing it!

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