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Customize torrent display name


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Add the ability to customize the torrent display name.


1. I have several torrents (such as "Files part 1", "Files part 2", etc) that go to the same destination , so they all have the same display name. This results in a very uninformative torrent list :(

2. Only with the name of the directory it's dificult knowing exactly what torrent was the origin of the files.

I have for example a torrent named "Files 2005-05-20" that is displayed as "Files". When I go to the original site and look at the current version of the torrent, there's no simple way of knowing if the version on the site (for example "Files 2005-09-10") is the same or not as the one I already have.

PS: Note that this has NOTHING whatever to do with the request Allow changing of file names?

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