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implement support for proxytype http1.1


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I'm currently behind a nasty proxy which uses this old protocol, that means I can't use my favourite Torrentclient, uTorrent:(

BitComet have this feature, and this is the client I'm currently using. But I miss uTorrent, and since BitComet has this feature, i'm sure it would be a walk in the park for a l33t coder like Ludde to implement this in uTorrent.

Edit: I'm a close friend of Rakshasa, the creator of rTorrent, and he told me that this function could easily be added to any bittorrent client, just look at the following lines in his libtorrent sourcecode: http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no/browser/trunk/libtorrent/src/protocol/handshake.cc#L769

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