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Initial Seeding Wackiness - Fast, then slow


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I am presently initial-seeding a 10gig torrent at about 35k/s (so it'll take a week). Initially, the peer list was small -- four peers in the swarm, with one connected and the rest "hidden" in the cloud (I'm one of those guys who doesn't bother to mess with firewall settings to get "green circles", blah blah). So....I'm merrily blasting away to this one guy (uTorrent client, btw) who has a listed "peer dl" speed equal to mine at any given moment, so I gather he's sending it to the cloud/swarm just as fast as he gets it.

-- And that's just the way I want it.

Problem: A *second* guy finally shows up in my node, quickly grabs a chunk, then starts sending off at 15k "peer dl" (eg; he's cheap DSL while I'm cheap cable). While he's doing this, and for several minutes thereafter, the first recipient (who was doing a swell job) seeding stalls for huge stretches of "dead time". Even after a third peer went "local", and I had TWO guys peer-dl'ing at 15k each, there was still a lot of dead time even though my upload capacity is about the same as there trading combined. -- While all of this is going on with the two new guys, my first client is getting nothing from me.


What would rock would be a way for me to "force" sending to the best peer until, at my discretion, I can pull back the reins (and that's easy enough to do speed-wise by throttling UL to 1k/sec -- forcing the swarm to interswap all the rare blocks to let people "catch up"). The reason why this is important in especially big-ass torrents is because you don't want to "scare away" new peers who load up, notices a couple guys at 0.3% and nothing happening, and go "well, screw this...I'll try back in a couple days...maybe" and bug out.

Other than the 0.0% hackcheat fakers, this is about my only problem. (I recently upped a 700mb file with 256k blocks, and only needed 104% to complete initial seeding of the torrent; of the extra 4%, the great bulk of it was due to two 0.0% hackcheats who leached a couple dozen megs each in the middle of the night -- else I would have killed them with PeerGuardian.)


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