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Error: Port XXXXX does not appear to be open.


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I'm new to uTorrent. I downloaded the program and it seems to be correctly forwarded.

I followed the guide, went to Opt>Conn> and chose a random port. Then I entered the random port into my verizon dsl Westell 6100. Following the port forwarding guide I created a service name, and entered the random port number found earlier. When I look at Service Details it says Port 1, protocol TCP global port: 10000 and the same for Base Host Port. Then in Port 2 it has TCP and the correct port that I entered earlier. Good so far, I thought. But when I went to the uTorrent port checker I get the message Error! Port xxxxx does not appear to be open.

I tried several different port numbers. My comp seems to be working ok. I have Kerio Personal Firewall, with Trusted In: ask; Trusted out: permit; Internet in, and internet out: both permit.

I do run AVG in the background.

Also I tried (as a last resort) to check the UPNP Enable box, but then I kept losing internet connection overall.

Thanks in advance if someone could point me in the right direction?


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