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Why am I still seeding??


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I'm sure this has been asked before, but for the life of me, I can't find the answer here. So please forgive me if I'm asking this again.

I'm currently seeding 6 torrents. 4 of the torrents have ratios over 2.2, and the other 2 have ratios under 1.6. I've set my Queueing preferences to "Seed While" the Ratio is <= 200%, however, my uploads continue despite my preferences.

Additionally, is it a MUST to check the "When torrent has reached the seeding goal" box if I what any action to occur when the Seeding Goal has been reached? From the wording of it, it almost sounds like this is simply for turning ON and OFF the "Seed While" setting.

Currently it all seems to do NOTHING for me. My seeds that have reached their goal are still seeding whether I have the "When torrent has reached the seeding goal" box checked or not. It ALSO does not seem to matter what value I place in the the box to limit the upload rate when this box is checked. I've currently got a seed with a ratio of 2.4 and its uploading at 25kBps. I can set the limit to 10kBps... no change in actual upload rate. I can also set the limit to 0kBps (supposedly to stop the torrent) and nothing... it's still moving along at 25kBps.

What am I doing wrong? There's obviously nothing wrong with my connection, cause uploading is NOT a problem. Being able to successfully limit the upload speed IS a problem.

Currently, the only thing that seems to work is the global upload limit, the scheduler limit, or if I change the upload limit for an individual torrent. It's a pain to do this all manually though, when the Queueing settings should be doing this for me.

Any help would be appreciated!!

PS - I'm using uTorrent 1.6.

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When you say "forcing the torrent" do you mean setting the Max Upload Rate for the individual seeds?

I've double-clicked on each of my individual seeds and deleted the value from the "Max Upload Rate" box and clicked okay. I've then gone back to the preferences and set my "Seed While" ratio to 100% (ALL of my torrents are above this percentage). I've then checked the "When torrent has reached the seeding goal", and set the "Limit upload rate to" box 0kBps.

I'm still seeding. Right now my upload rate is fluctuating between 2 and 20kBps. I would have expected my uploads to all stop with these settings. I've got one seed that has a ratio of 19.6 and even that one is still going strong!

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Ahh... Stop then re-Start... THAT, I hadn't tried. Problem solved! All seeds that have met the goal that I've set are now listed as "Finished" and the others are still uploading.

I've also tried setting the "Limit upload rate" box to values other then 0kBps, and it's now working as expected.

Thanks for the help. It's always the simple stuff that gets ya!

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