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Newbie seeding question


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I've just started using the bitTorrent network and had a small question about seeding I've downloaded a couple of files (100% complete) and then had to shut down my computer (had nothing to do with utorrent). If I restart utorrent, will the files I downloaded automatically begin seeding, or will I need to create torrents from those files and then upload them to the site? Also, if I downloaded the files from Site A for example, but also want to share with Site B and Site C (to ensure my ratio is in good standing on their sites also) , do I need to create torrents for Site B and C? I want to ensure that my ratio does not get me banned, etc. on any of the sites I visit and use.

I hope my questions aren't too stupid, but I really don't understand seeding beyond the fact that it helps propagate the file/s among the community. Thanks to any and all help.

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