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Clearing NVRAM kills connection - WEIRD, help pls.


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I'll try to make things short.

My hardware: Linksys WRT54GL, modem SpeedStream 4100 (Siemens), and 2 PCs wired to router (or ONE, the new one wired to modem straight in trouble times).

My story. Connection began to drop quite often, especially during online gaming. Modem was changed from SpeedStream 5100 to 4100 (after PC connected directly to modem connection was dropping anyway, but less often than with router). Next, time came for the router flash (I am using uTorrent as well, by the way).

And here the weird things appeared. After flash with Thibor HyperWRT (end result is: Firmware Version: v4.71.1, Hyperwrt 2.1b1 + Thibor15c), and clearing NVRAM, I could not connect. At the same time, when modem was connected directly to PC internet was present. So, I flashed router back to Official firmware, and, got my internet connection back. Surprise?! Well, I still decided to try again flashing with Thibor and clearing NVRAM. The same result followed - no Internet connection.

At this time I started panicking, but decided to try again, and this time I DID NOT CLEARED NVRAM - and I have internet working right away!!!!???

So, since it adviced everywhere to clear NVRAM, what is the trick? What could happened, that preventing me form connecting? By the way, after restoring to Official version, I did not cleared anything...

I still would like to erase all old data, but don't want to loose Internet connection again!

Any opinions/suggestions - in simple words (I am far away form been proficient with software - little better then noob).

Thanks in advance for any replies.

P.S. I already posted the same topic on hyperwrt.org forum, but so far got no response, I hope that someone can help me here.

Edit1: I think I stick this post in the wrong forum, so please move it, if you, MODs, feel it is necessary.

Edit2: Thanks for move, still awaiting for any responses?!

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