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3.5 days to DL hahahha................


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Ok, Apparently everyone here is a lot brighter than me. I've read these forums for over an hour and no help. I only understood about 20% percent of them any way.

I'm trying to download a large file (8.79GB) and Utorrent is telling me it's gonna take over 3days. I'm doing something wrong or you guys have more patience than me.

Here's what it says:

Seed 9 (29)

Peers 64 (259)

downspeed 25.7kB/s

I apologize, but I have no idea what these numbers mean, even after reading the FAQs.

only 1% downloaded after an hour and a half.

I've got a cable modem. I've did the Speed Guide, I have the Green arrow.............. is this just how long it takes?

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