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Inconsistent DL


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Yes Im a nOOb and I need some help with my leaching. I have been using the utorrent interface for a few weeks and have been satisfied. Now for the past 3 days after recieving excellent DL speeds my torrents are at a snail pace .5-3kbps.

My problem is when I start Utorrent the seeds appear just like they should, then after 10minutes the seeds fall off which you would think is normal. This isnt just one torrent its all of the torrents in my Q. So I restart the computer and bam the seeds reappear, wait 10min and the DL speed drops off and the seeds disappear. Restart and they come back.

I followed the steps in the forum to make sure my router is setup correctly, port forwarding UPNP bla bla bla, doesnt change anything.

What can I do to fix this problem, any ideas

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