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No Incoming Connections - Still!


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I've been unable to establish incoming connections as my efforts to open a port for utorrent have failed (continually).

First reading suggested that as I am running Windows XP with UPnP enabled in utorrent, windows and on my Firewall, then I would not need to fix my IP address and port. This didn't work, so I followed the simple instructions at PortFowarding to set this up. Process seemd to go fine (setup virtual server for fixed IP and port for TCP) but alas still no open port.

I'm accessing the internet via a Billion 7100SV. I have no other Firewall apart from Windows (which I've tested switched off). Utorrent still behaves like a slug and the port test tells me I'm closed.

I have Norton Anti-Virus but not the Firewall.

Any suggestions would be welcome.


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