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Very slow download and no upload - help required!


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I configured utorrent according to the guides on this site and tried downloading one of the test files. I managed to get around 400kb/s which I was fairly happy with so I tried to download a file that I wanted which was well seeded (400+). Unfortunately the best speed I got was around 10kb/s with the torrent usually sitting at 0kb/s. I connect to very few of the seeds (2 out of 415) and the upload speed never gets above 0kb/s. Is there anything that I should check? It seems strange that such a well seeded torrent would give such low speeds.

I am on a 6.5MB ADSL connection but in reality this is more like 5MB. The best speeds I get on downloads are around 500kb/s. I've forwarded the necessary port and protocol encryption is enabled. My upload max is set at 35kb/s as my upload bandwidth is around 380kbps. It could of course be the torrent but I have tried two other files I was interested in, again well seeded, and had the same poor results.

Any help will be very much appreciated.

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