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Please HELP I need some advise


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I need your help please about ton of hashfails!!!

I got a lot of hashfail by the way I never got anything like this until 3 weeks ago.

See picture link please, by picture in 47 min I can download 55.4 Mb but I got a lot of damn hashfails at 108 by wasted filies 53.2 Mb.

I had read some FAQ and I tries to resolved this problem but it not work like it should be

I had added new RAM by last 2 months (Sept), I removed it and tries to download file agian but same problem came to me.

I reduce some size (global connection, max connect per toorent and some in advance option) in program from FAQ advise ... but I can't resolved it.

I had a call to my ISP I ask him about blocked port torrent ... he told me that he not balocked any about bits ... I agrees with him my connection alway stay in high levels (my max is 65kb/s in my connect in stay around 50-60 kb/s)

now!! ... I'm very very stress I can't download any torrent (yes, it mean every torrnet) form any bit client

I tries to use BitComet I had got same problem

Anti-Virus : Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0

Modem : Billion 5102s

Picture Link




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