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Noob - Slow Speeds - Help me!


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I'm new to the whole downloading thing and need some advice.

I'm using uTorrent 1.4 and its working fine but the speed is awful.

On average it is 1-8 kbps download and 5-20 kbps upload. The highest download speed i've ever had is about 40 kbps.

Its taking me hours to download anything.

I live in Leicestershire, UK - out in the country a bit.

I have 8 meg broadband connection with Tiscali (connects at around 2.3-2.4)

I never have any problems with internet browsing or playing games, etc...

I did a speed test which gave me the following info:

279 / 62 (Kbps)

(34.1 / 7.5 KB/sec)


Any advice would be really appreciated.



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