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uTorrent suddenly stopped..


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hi, i have been using uTorrent for months without a hitch, until today it suddenly decided the port (whih i had previously forwarded) was no longer forwarded.

i did not change any settings in uTorrent, nor did i touch anything in ZA. i have not installed any new software. i did not restart uTorrent.

in short, i've done nothing to cause this all of a sudden.

i have tried changing the port, and re-forwarding it on my router.

i followed Ultima's very helpful guide to forwarding the ports in ZA.

i then uninstalled ZA.

the Windows Firewall/ICS service is turned off.

i turned on the DMZ on my router and disabled the built in firewall.

none of the above have helped, uTorrent still says i need to open up a port, and the little red ! is still displyed at the bottom of the screen.

if anybody can help this would be much appreciated, i've pretty much done everything i know how, and read everything i can find.

sorry it's so long winded :D


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