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Recent Speed problems with Rogers Broadband


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Recently I have been having issues with both uploading and downloading of torrents. At the time I was using bittornado from the command line on a headless system to do all my downloads, which afforded me restarting my Desktop for testing and what not as often as I liked. However out of the blue my download speeds plumetted, so this forced me to do some research and try some new clients.

I tried azerus(I use linux on my headless box so at the time utorrent was ruled out) which seemed promising, and I tried the console-ui with encryption enabled, and bam my speeds where back up for a while. And then after a while they dropped again. I thought to myself hrmm definately odd, and I blamed it on the sheer size of azerus and perhaps a memory leak somewhere in the program.

So then I started looking for another alternative. I decided I would try utorrent running with wine on my headless machine via a remote desktop(nx) and again my speeds where back, and even running under wine utorrent has a small footprint. Again speeds where back up. I u/d at full speeds for a full day, everything was working fine. Then I came home from school and my speeds dropped again and the little checkmark turned to a RED. I thought this was odd, but I changed the port and my firewall rules, and again speeds where back up again.

This morning I noticed that speeds dropped again, This again struck me as odd, most importantly this time I changed the port and restarted, and almost instantly my speeds went back up again!

So leads me to the question. Could my isp be monitoring traffic bound to a specific port, and then be shaping traffic going to that port. And is there a way that I may change my port randomly at a given time increment.

I will continue to test to see if this is indeed the case, or if someone else who also has rogers can verify/disprove this for me so that I may look into other issues that may be affecting speeds that would be greatly appreciated

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It's as if I could have written your post, I am on Rogers and I have experienced exactly the same thing.

I have enabled protocol encryption as my most recent tactic... and as usual it worked for a bit and then goes back to, I wonder too if Rogers have singled me out, because it seems whatever I do about 8-12 hrs later, somethiing has changed and yet bandwidth is constantly good.

Random ports could work couldn't they???? but surely they would mess with my very carefully fowarded router and firewall.situation??

Maybe I would be better of with Sympatico DSL as if they don't shape traffic then I might actually get better speeds and pay less.... plus the fact I just hate rogers for their shameless cash grabbing ways in this very low choice market. You want GSM wireless ... they are the only network, interactive cable TV, 'proper' broadband, etc they are the only damn choice! Any way enough of that.

I am now convinced that this is not a problem I can fix by pressing buttons on my computer, here's the deal:

Running Vista RC2 5744

HP Pavillion DV1000

1.6 Ghz 2gb RAM 100gb HDD

Microsoft LiveOne Care - configured correctly for utorrent access ports and activity

Linksys WR54G-01 - all latest firmware updates - all relevant ports forwarded, MAC clone enabled and cloned, requests allowed etc.

Rogers High Speed - Business Package (supposedly no limits) Static IP set

I cannot think of anything else I can tweak, can anyone help or shoudl I just get rid of rogers?

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I am on Rogers but currently use Azureus on port 1720 with encryption set.

I get good speeds....3 gig files over night...dependent on how many seeds and their connection quality of course but for popular apps, movies etc I have no iccue with the speed.

I'm here checking for updates on how utorrent is working with the bandwidth shaping issue as I like utorrent much better than Azureus...less of a resource hog but I have to work with what gets results

dlsreports.com has a good forum and a section specific to rogers check that out for info on how to config your torrent app


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