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very slow pls help


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im ruinning xpsp2 and i did everything in the faq that i could c to do but im still runnin a slow a** connection but my actual speed is 12mbs down 1.5mbs up it makes my internet go soooooo slow if i have u torrent open the faq helped me speed it up 2 but not much at all still slow as heck my modems the motorola surfboard and i didnt see that on the restrictions list i got luck once with my down going to 800kbps but that was only once on average im at like 10-30kbps and pretty much all the torrents i have right now have massive amounts of seeders and peers but i can only connect to like 2 peers always leaving my file unfinished also i used 2 be able to handle like 8 downloads at once and go at 100kbps each but now if i do more then 2 everything times out and i cant connect to anything whats happening? this is nowhere near a quarter of my comps potential i only use 2-3% of my network connection how can i go faster and better and connect 2 more seeds this is getting old and annoying please help

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