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oh, thx for the advice

about a month ago my ratio was upto 2.5 (or something like that) and now its nothing... 0.000.

??? I was wondering does my ratio go up when i'm seeding the file or while i'm downloading it ???

coz all this time , i've been thinking i messed up the settings and kept going back and changing them again. But, i don't think my setting are wrong.

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yeh, i think thats the problem. The light is on red sometimes and then on yellow, its never green since i changed from a modem to a router.

So maybe thats it. But, i've changed to a router a long time ago and i didn't have this problem (even though the light changed from green to yellow/red), my speed was a little worse but my ratio was still alright.

and now my downloads don't start at all. I even have a lot of trackers to get it going. =(

Its that if i don't get my ratio going a BT site might kick me out for that reason.

thanks for the help

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