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Massive # of inbound events on firewall when uTorrent is NOT running

Three Wheel Drive

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( Yes, I did read the sticky for all Linksys WRT54G users. I am not having problems with speed or connectivity, and my firmware is up to date. )

Alrighty. Last night, I left my computer on so some torrents finish downloading overnight. When I woke up the next day the screen was black and HDD frozen. After restarting, Windows greeted me with an error report screen, saying it had recovered from a serious error. I noticed my computer was running horrifically slow, so I ran a virus scan and looked at my firewall report.


900 new events blocked. Nine-freaking-hundred. After disconnecting my internet cable things sped up and the virus scan finished. Nothing abnormal detected. I ran an anti-spyware scan. Nothing. I reconnected the internet and in 10 minutes, 40 new events were blocked. I noticed that all of these events were on port 62178 (TCP), the same port uTorrent uses.

I fired up uTorrent, and suddenly all of the inbound events stopped. I closed uTorrent and was quickly assaulted by more blocked inbound events on port 62178. I tried deleting all of my torrents and data and restarting my computer, but it did not help. I cleared my cookies, internet history, and temporary files, but that also did not help. I soon hit 2046 new blocked events for today. Normally, it's strange for me to have more than 5 blocked in one day. I uninstalled uTorrent and visited linksys' website. I followed Port Forward's directions on how to, well... port forward. ( http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Linksys/WRT54G/Utorrent.htm )

So now I sit here, 2,046 blocked events and counting, ready to rip out my hair and set fire to my computer. For the love of God, please help me figure out why port 62178 is being raped while uTorrent is closed and what I can do to stop the madness. Please?

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