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Slow torrent download speeds - Wouldn't Microsoft love that!


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Hey guys, I'm new here so I apologize if someone has already made this statement. This may be just my experience, but I was plagued with really slow downloads/uploads for over a week and I mean slow often 0.01kbs and it only dawned on me tonight what was different since I last used utorrent about a month ago. Internet Explorer 7! I tried all other advise through various sites and searches with no success. I uninstalled Internet Explorer 7 and hey presto, back up to full speed. If you have recently installed IE7 then try uninstalling it to see if it makes a difference to you. It may be a coincidence but lets face it Microsoft probably detests torrent files and all p2p services so it wouldn't be beyond their capability to ensure they didn't work properly. I've gone from 0-1 dht nodes to 250 since uninstalling IE7 so its a bit much of a coincidence.

I'm off to bed now, as things are finally downloading.


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