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any torrent that assembled from rar files never opens...

it goes up to 100% then when i try to open it i get an error message that one or more rar files r corrupt.

when i force recheck utoorent always find parts to download again but still the same thing happen over and over again

(file gets to 100% --> doesnt open --> doesnt passes recheck and so on and so on)

it only happens with rar files torrents (all of them) . torrents that my friends can verify and download without a problem

but i from some reason cant.

tried reinstalling winrar. it could open any rar file downloaded from the net or on my local network devices but still cant open any finished torrent file....

the utorrent log shows "piece xxx failed hash check" errors all the time for those rar torrents. but even when it gets to 100% its still doesnt open

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