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Is it the ISP?


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-I went through this entire post and tried everything: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992

-Read the setup guide and set it the way it's supposed to.

-Upgraded to Windows XP SP2 and fixed the status icon so it's green.

-My current ISP is Pangeatech.

-Connection type: Cable

-I don't use a router

-Speed Test results:

Download: 167.44 kbps / 20.93 KBps

Upload: 267.52 kbps / 33.44 KBps

My actual speed right now is 40 KBps down and 26 KBps up for 3 torrents, but I've had much higher numbers in the past so the speed varies.

Is this as good as it will get?

Why don't these numbers match the speed test results?

Should I change ISPs for faster download speed?

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The numbers don't match because (1) you're not supposed to test while you're using the Internet -- the only thing that should be running when you're testing, is the test itself, and (2) you're supposed to select the test mirror closest to where you live. Also, if you can, do try testing a few times, and post the average of each number over all the tests.

Without accurate numbers, it's rather difficult to give you any further advice.

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