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nothing downloads anymore.


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Yes, read the FAQ under relevant sections for incompatible software & routers/modems. I think it's safe to mention what AV and firewall you're using. Windows firewall should be turned off, and you should only have one AV running. I'm using ZoneAlarm, which has an AV built-in, so I know the two things would be compatible. AV aps and firewalls may need to be configured to allow utorrent.

Sometimes the things we have running take time to pick up bugs, and something may have caught up with utorrent, though it's not a virus or spyware.

Check if anything connected to utorrent has been sent to quarantine.

You may have a problem if you use a proxy. If you don't, then it should be reflected in utorrent settings. Check that the selected port is free to use. I read that it should be within a certain range. Although I set it to random, and it sometimes goes outside that range, but still works.

I think it would be a firewall or AV problem, or something else which has changed in Windows settings and you may not know about.

You haven't played any CDs or DVDs recently which may have covertly installed a virus?

I hope you have tried rebooting also. Personally I start utorrent after connecting to the Internet, and not before. Also modems need refreshing occasionally.

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