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First i want to ....


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First i want to thank you guys for making this pretty awesome program called µTorrent. ThAnKs

I've been using this prog since the early days, I liked it then and i love it now.

I have a request for future version.

Let's say you are downloading 3 torrents. Torrent #1 is the most important one. Now, torrent #1 has variable downloading speed. So when that speed is low (you can specify) torrent #2 starts downloading and if inside of few minutes those 2 don't satisfy your MAX bandwith limit third one starts... etc

But when torrent #1 "feels" that it could go faster it shuts down lower priority torrents.

This way you would MAX OUT your bandwith but still you would have great torrent priority feature.

Bandwith allocation is not the answer here. I've tried with HIGH, NORMAL and LOW but it's still not good. I think it has to do with connected clients on lower priority torrents.

I know you want put this feature in next version, so consider this post A GREETING CARD.

:lol: ... cheers

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