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i have a bad isp... pls help


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hi, sadly i found out that my isp "adelphia high speed cable" is listed as one of the bad isp for using bitTorrent clients. im really new to this bitTorrent thing so how exactly can i improve my download speed even though i have a bad isp for using bitTorrent clients. im really frustrated with real slow downloads around 10kbps-30kbps when the files is 700mb big. when i download from websites i usually download at 500kbps-700kbps per second, samething is true when im using limewire, i download files that sizes yp to 2gb sometime are downloaded in no time. So therefor i find using bit torrent rather slow. pls help me, what can i do to improve my download speed. i already followed all the steps posted on the sticky "if you have speed problems" and still doesnt help.=(

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