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very very slow :(


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hello friends,

first sorry for my english, its not the best - if anyone speack german, so answer me :)

i just want to ask, how can i improve my download speed? its very heavy to use the search function, the most of the answers cant be use, its heavy to understand.

my current download-speed is about < 5kb/s, sometimes a file is downloading by 20-25 kb/s, the upload is often/always much more better than my download.

i have dsl the first one in germany, i dont know how much my max. down/up-stream is an i have a firewall, but utorrent is not blocked, also a symantec virus-scanner.

mhm, can you help me? my notebook is also an old one, so utorrent is very nice for me.

thank you very much, lemoncoke from germany.

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lemoncoke, that is just about the most asked question when it comes to bittorrent. And people get really fed up with that... :rolleyes:

I'm sure someone could anwer here but I think you would be better off in the gazillions of other sites that have already answered that question in utmost detail. Google FAQ+bittorrent. There are some very well structured guides out there.

But not to leave you without and answer, there are so many causes that you have to work your way through them.

=> Get rid of connectivity problems (firewalls, routers, ...)

=> Get rid of speed brakes (ISP throtling, WinXP 1/2 open limit, upstream choking, viruses, ...)

=> Get rid of bad torrents (low seeded, unstable tracker, fake tracker, ...)

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I have problem with upload.

The speed is is variable. i mean my max is 15kB/s, and it uploading 15for few second and then 2or 4 kB/s.


I have Outpost firwall but utorrent is a trusted application and i use a port 8000(the same as Azureus and it upload on max speed).And I disabled DHT network.

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