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Creating new torrent


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Im trying to create a torrent.I did everything posted on creating a torrent.When I clicked the "create/save as" button,my torrent is seeding "properly"(with GREEN arrow pointing upward) in my Utorrent software EVEN THOUGH I DIDNT put the "http://tracker.puresound.ru/announce.php" in the TRACKER PROPERTIES section..But when I put the same message in the TRACKER PROPERTIES,click "create/save as" button,my seeding is in the RED ARROW pointing downward,meaning I have a problem.It says my seeding is at 100%..Does the arrows have to be in the GREEN UPWARD ARROW to seed properly and dont you have to have ""http://tracker.puresound.ru/announce.php" in the TRACKER PROPERTIES section.?..What shall I do??

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