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Lost Download After Laptop Overheating


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Greetings, I am a first time Newbie to the Forum, and a few weeks user of uTorrent. Have dumped Bit Tornado. Need assistance to find lost download.

Downloading 582 MB ISO File which has a badly encoded tracker. Maximum download speed can attain is up to 15-18kb/s. No problem. Have patience to download a bit each day, but have to download at right time when max. no. of seeds and peers.

Running Toshiba Laptop A70-S249 with Windows Vista RC2 Ultimate. No performance problem whatsoever. However, Toshiba has bad problem of complete shutdowns when overheating, and have to wait for machine to cool down if laptop has been on for a very long period of time. Learned to solve this problem using the old Air Duster can into the fans.

Out of 582MB had downloaded 170MB already when machine blacked out. Decided to have snooze for three hours, and then restarted and back up again no problems. When restarting uTorrent, the Transfer Section showed I had downloaded already 170MB, but after the torrent checker file finished, it restarted at 0 MB showing as downloaded in the General Section. Have I lost the previous 170MB completely. Vista automatically allocates downloads to C:\User Name\Documents\Downloads folder unless otherwise specified, so all my torrent downloads go there. ISO File shows 582MB Size, but of course this is not the case.

Could someone please advise if I have lost the 170MB, or, the 170MB is still there, but the download is building on this. I noticed that whilst I was checking all areas of uTorrent, I had already downloaded another 9MB, and the Transfer Section number has jumped from 170 to 179MB, but the General Section is only showing as 9MB in total, and the relevant percentage.

Await your most valuable assistance.


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If the following information helps the forum for giving me assistance:

Last night downloaded a new program with full connection. Max speeds of 138+kb/sec. No problem. Machine stayed on for full download. A few hours.

8 hours later, restarted download of program mentioned in previous posting with bad encoded tracker. Machine crashed after 5 minutes. It appears that uTorrent is crashing machine when trying to download badly composed tracker and program overall. After reading other postings, it appears that uTorrent is crashing machine, or am i wrong?

Someone please assist.

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