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How Secure is Webui.....


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I followed all the steps and it seems to be working but there is a small problem.

When Im logging in, there is a pop up saying that the certificate cannot be trusted and is not in the Trusted store list.

The pop up also specifies that the certificate is expired in 2000.

Can you please clarify that. Is this really secure or is this just making my system more weak and appealing to outsiders.


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Thanks a lot, after reading your given website Im going to create a certificate. Hope this works.

I would also like to ask you the users and moderators of WEbui if they know any other way to further secure this operation

your input will help me and others who are concerned about his program and the benefits associated with that.

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Thanks for the quick response.

I hope you had a great new year.

After following your link, i went to create my certicate on the stunnel website server. The page strongly advises the public to create their own key in their trusted machine...


Now should I just create the key from their anyway or is their an alternative

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