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Downloading to 93.8% but then problem with port..


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Everything goes well till I get to 93.8%,I thought it was the lack of seeds or something but the seeds were going down so fast that I couldn't even see at how many seeds I had.

Now, it tells me that the port is blocked which is not correct cause how come I could get to 93.8% and now I can't download anymore? I've tried several others ports and it's all the same. Even port 80.

Thanks for your help,

- Leo

P.S. I don't have any router, only McAfee SecurityCenter 2006.

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It is configured properly, it never happened before with any of my downloads.

Actually, the file I download IS suppose to have over 5000 seeds, but I had about 30 seeds.

Can it happene if I installed Service pack 2 and then unistalled it?

Cause the Service pack 2 was causing troubles to my connection.

I use a DSL modem. Always connected to the internet. It's a SpeedStream.


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