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Connection problem


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Please help me!

Im having some problems with uTorrent. Everything worked fine till a week, or so. Now when i run uTorrent and try to download something, it connects to peers, etc., simply - everything is ok. But the problem comes later. After a while (it depends), sometimes its after minute, sometimes after 10 minutes, my connection terminates, and RIGHT AFTER it, again, connects! This thing happens about ~10 times in a row. After that, i can download with my max speed for (lets say), 5, 10 or more minutes and the same thing happens.

Im desperate.

I could dl/ul using my max speed all the time, but from a week, i cant. Somebody please help me!


The same thing happens when i download with Internet Explorer!

One of my friends told me, it could be a 'hardware conflict'... is that possible?



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