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Change DL dir, Seeding partial files, ban peers


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there are a few things i'd like to mention (besides, utorrent is great ;):

- When a default download folder is set, theres no way (at least i don't see it) to change it afterwards, so seeding files in a different directory isn't possible

- When i set the files priority of a torrent to "don't download" even if the torrent is at 100% in the client, i wont appear as seeder on the tracker. (not that bad because it "seeds" anyway, but a bit annoying)

- The ability to (temp)ban peers would be a nice feature

- I'd like doubleclick on torrents to start/stop the torrent

You guys did great work, the memory usage is awesome and almost every feature i need is implemented. Thank You

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I think a lot of the features you have asked for have been said before, no harm in mentioning them again I supose..

I'd like doubleclick on torrents to start/stop the torrent

That would do my head in, I used to hate going to Bitcomet from Azureus, I used to double click on the torrent in Bitcomet as I would forget it did nothing, but gave me lots of information in Azureus.

And, usually it was always a torrent that took ages to get up to speed...

So please dont put this one in as Im stupid and would be shutting them down by mistake....


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As long as that doubleclick function was an option, then I don't see a problem with it.

For the 2nd point, I don't think there's anything that uTorrent can do. To the tracker, you haven't completed the torrent, so it can't tell everyone else that you're a seeder, because you're not. Now, if you're saying that the client should label that torrent as 100% complete because you've chosen not to download certain parts, then that's different. That wouldn't be a bad thing to implement.

The temp ban is already up for debate. For now, just add them to the ipfilter.dat and set up a kitchen timer to remind you to remove them, heh.

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