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Torrent trackers.. Which one to use?


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I wonder which torrent tracker to use..

We got all these official trackers, like mininova, meganova, torrentreactor, torrentspy etc..

And you can use for example isohunt to track down the one that got the download you want, with most seeds..

But as most of you know, at least have noticed and experienced.. When you use official trackers, you might get lots of seeders, but you also got lots of other downloaders.. And what happens then? A crappy 10 - 50kb/s speed..

If you find yourself a nice "non-official" tracker.. Then even with 10seeders, instead of 200.. Your speed should be around 150-2000kb/s..

Well, at least that what I have heard..

So I hoped somebody could post all the "non-official" trackers you know about, in a list here..

Then people can start to register on them..

The only "non-official" tracker I have slept over, is warezbros.org.. It's not English, and there aren't many possible downloads there, and if you want good speed, you need to download the thing you want, the moment it's uploaded.. Then you get a nice speed, but after a few days, no one either seed or download it anymore, and your speed is mostly at 0kb/s..

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