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RED Icon with !


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My Setup:

Scientific-Atlanta webstar cable modem-------> Sweex Broadband Router (RO001)---->PC

Now when i start utorrent, the download starts, i have a yellow triangle with ! in the status bar.

After a while it changes to a red circle with !.

I use port 45682 and opened it in the router page. after i set a static ip ofcourse. just like portforward.com says.

but the red icon stays, and i do a utorrent.com port check it says that port 45682 is closed.

I have mcafee firewall, which i enabled utorrent in, and opened port 45682, and my windows firewall is as good as dead.

I cant even start windows firewall up.

it says that the windows firewall service is not active.

thats it,plz anyone help me.

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