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Light fluctuating between green and yellow AND "access is denied"


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Like the title says, the light isn't stable in utorrent (version 1.5), and I have all torrents downloading a few minutes, then stopping with the message (pop-up balloon) "Torrent error File : <name> Access is denied".

I have the same configuration on another computer on the same network and utorrent works like a charm on this one (I tried with the same torrent).

I checked locks on the torrent files : no locks.

Info on my network topology : SMC barricade router, upnp enabled. The PC where utorrent is working is connected via wifi, and has kerio firewall. The PC where utorrent is not working is wire-connected, has upnp installed. I tried also when disabling the firewall (same firewall with same config on both machines), and the result is the same. utorrent used to work on this machine a few month ago.

Thanks for your help!


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